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  • Cellula ver 2
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  • Tempest #1 ver 1
  • Tempest #2 ver 1

Permutations (2009/10):

My recent work has focused on exploring the relationship between complex organic structures common to all living organisms and the graphic language employed by science to classify and describe them.  In particular, I have been fascinated with the visual presentation of empirical data and its relationship to the graphic energy of black and white figure ground relationships explored by the op artists of the 60’s. This new work is the result of my attempt to combine these interests into a compelling and original hybrid form.

Phenomena (2009):

This body of work is drawn from an interest in the organic structure of the human body on a cellular level as well as a growing fascination with the ephemeral aspects of memory and perception.

This investigation has led to the creation of a series of cut steel silhouettes with highly pigmented reverse sides that serve to reflect coloured light onto the adjacent wall bathing the work in a subtle glow or aura which hints at a latent energy or life force.  The afterimage effect of this impression underscores a new desire to explore the sensual rather than empirical aspects of our surroundings – something experienced as opposed to something observed.

The imagery employed, ranging from the microscopic (vascular systems) to the cataclysmic (atmospheric electricity) are related in both form and function as complex and active pathways or conduits.